GTU 100 Point Activity, how to get 100 Points in 1 Semester


GTU 100 Point Activity | How to Complete 100 Points in GTU | What is GTU 100 Point Activity

The Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has launched the 100 – Activity Points on the Academic Year i.e., 2015-16 for earning the GTU’s Engineering Degree. This is the first University who introduce GTU 100 Point activity system in India in this page we are going to give some of the steps for the GTU 100 Point activity.

Details of 100 Point Activity

Students got lots of question about what is GTU 100 Point activity? The 100 point activity is nothing but students should earn a minimum of 100 points under different curricular activity and these activity must be from GTU prescribed activity points by GTU.

GTU 100 Point Activity Importance

Normally the semester examination has been conducted to get good scores in the examination and then it became the next stage to enter for another semester. But this 100 point activity help you to improve your skill, problem-solving ability, thinking power, management skill etc. That’s why the GTU has created 100 activity points to match this multi-skill requirement.

GTU 100 Activity Points List

They classified their activities in two stages as

  • Major Activity Head
  • Sub- Activity Head

These are the two stages for earing activity points.

Major Activity Head

The Major Activity Head consist of the following courses.

  • Bridge Course
  • Technical/ Research Skill
  • Sports and Cultural
  • Community Outreach and Social Initiatives

Sub Activity Head

The Sub Activity head includes the following heads

  • Village Visit
  • Learning Engineering
  • History of Science & Technology
  • Life Skills
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical quiz
  • Aptitude/ Reasoning
  • Tech-Fest
  • Workshop
  • STTP etc.

Points to be Assigned to Activity

Based on their performance they assigned the points by the given levels

  • College Level
  • Zonal Level
  • Inter college/ University (State) Level
  • Inter College/ University (National) Level
  • International level


  • Highest score of any level for the particular activity will be considered.
  • For example if student won at State level and then at National level he/ she participated only. In this case being as State level winner he/ she would be given (9+3=12) which are equal to 12 points of National level participation.

Questions from Students

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